Health News Weight Loss fitness Diet

In the gym many myths doing the rounds. So you would drink water before exercise eg cramp. But you should be fine to drink during exercise to prevent it from drying.

So you hear a lot of conflicting advice and you wonder: what should I believe? Healthy Lives put a few myths for you in a row.

Health News Weight Loss fitness Diet :

Health News Weight Loss fitness Diet


Without pain you achieve nothing

Some people think that they train their body through each just slightly more than the maximum request of muscles and endurance. If you are not exhausted after exercise, it will have taken out, not much seems to be the thinking.

To train your muscles you should really ask a little more from them than they are used to. In the last few repetitions of an exercise can they feel a little burning. But not all pain is the same, so it is important to keep if you’re not an injury to the building rather than muscle tissue. Eye Pain is absolutely no measure of success. The more pain, the more likely you are doing the exercise wrong.

Also with regard to the stamina, you do not have to torture yourself for good results. If you build your exercise calm and listen to your body, you build a successful good condition on. People who push themselves to the extreme putting their health at risk, mostly walking injuries and lose the motivation to exercise because there is no pleasure in it.

There is one sport where the fittest of being

Not every person can benefit from the same sport. What sport would be best for you depends on many different factors, including your physique, what you do outside of sports, and where you have fun. Indeed, it is the best for your health to combine different sports. So you make sure that there are several parts of your body are trained and prevent overload.

The more you sweat, the more calories you burn

It feels so good to walk with the sweat on your forehead. From the audience Been doing well, you tell yourself. Unfortunately, how a person sweat has largely to do with how well his or her body next effort is able to maintain. Normal body And this is very personal. If in a spinning class, the person sitting next to you to sweat while you keep it dry, it can be very still so that you have burned. Approximately the same amount of calories

Health News Weight Loss fitness Diet : Drinking water during exercise can cause cramping

This is really a myth. Cramping is a sign of dehydration. To avoid cramping you have to just make sure that you drink enough water. Note the timing when you’re really thirsty and drinks a lot succession: running with a sloshing belly is not so fine. Let the water briefly bags. Occasionally a few sips during exercise you will not feel as fast.

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